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Symantec Messaging Gateway - Try & Buy Program

With a risk-free 30-day trial of the Symantec Messaging Gateway, there’s nothing to stop you from evaluating one of the industry’s best solutions* for integrated antispam, antivirus, advanced content filtering, and data loss prevention technologies.

Symantec offers two evaluation options for the Messaging Gateway:

  • To download the Messaging Gateway Virtual Edition evaluation, click here.
  • To register for a trial on a Symantec/Brightmail 8300 Series physical appliance, please click on the “Register” button below.
To receive a hardware appliance, you must complete the registration process and short customer survey. Symantec cannot fulfill incomplete requests.

Please note that the hardware appliance Try & Buy option is not available in all countries. To view the current list of participating countries, please click here.

* InfoWorld Technology of the Year 2008, Best Mail Security


Symantec Brightmail / Mail Security 8340 Appliance

Symantec Brightmail / Mail Security 8360 / 8380 Appliance