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Backing up VMware: Benchmarks and Best Practices with NetBackup and Cisco



George Winter, Technical Field Enablement, NetBackup
Roger Andersson, Manager, Technical Marketing, Cisco Systems/UCS

Webcast Summary:
VMware’s new vStorage API for Data Protection has revolutionized virtual machine protection, however, to fully realize these capabilities you need the proper tools. Symantec and Cisco have teamed up to show how using Symantec NetBackup 7’s native integration with the vStorage API and Cisco’s Unified Computing System (UCS) architecture can protect terabytes of virtual machine data. Topics covered will include how to seamlessly size and scale your backup environment, tips and tricks on how to maximize backup and recovery performance, as well as how to leverage deduplication to maximize storage savings. If you are responsible for protecting your VMware environment, this Webcast is for you.