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Only Symantec Backup Exec™ 2012 with patented V-Ray technology offers one product that unifies physical and virtual backups, and includes integrated disaster recovery, data deduplication, and replication technology while offering a choice among on-premise, appliance, or cloud based solutions.  The new, modern and innovative range of Backup Exec 2012 solutions are designed to adapt for any business, large or small, to easily protect increasing amounts of data, in either virtual, physical, or combined environments and rapidly recover complete virtual machines, systems, applications, file/folders, and even granular objects in minutes—all from a single pass backup.  Reduce business downtime, ensure critical information on virtual or physical systems is always protected and restored in seconds.

PLEASE NOTE: You are downloading a fully-functioning version of Backup Exec 2012 that includes most Backup Exec Agents and Options.



For guidance, help and support, the Backup Exec 2012 Administrator's Guide, Backup Exec 2012 Quick Installation Guide and other useful Backup Exec 2012 documentation is available for download from the Symantec Support Site.  You can also refer to the Backup Exec forum for peer-to-peer discussions and to find additional resources and technical content on Backup Exec 2012 at: Symantec Connect.  Symantec Technical Support is not available with this trial software.



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