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Symantec™ ApplicationHA Trialware Download

Symantec™ ApplicationHA is based on the industry-leading Symantec™ Cluster Server technology and provides application availability in coordination with VMware™ HA. Together Symantec and VMware work to help customers move business-critical applications into VMware virtual machines. ApplicationHA customizes application start/stop behavior inside the virtual machine, monitors application health status, detects application failures, restarts applications and, if needed, triggers VMware High Availability for virtual machine restart. The solution also enables organizations to reduce downtime of business-critical applications inside the virtual enterprise.

As of the 6.1 release of ApplicationHA, in order to maximize efficiencies in producing and testing quality code Symantec is merging the ApplicationHA and SFHA release vehicles together. As such, to deploy ApplicationHA version 6.1 and beyond, you will need to download the SFHA 6.1 binaries. ApplicationHA shares several core components with SFHA that Symantec will continue to integrate together to make both products better.