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The Nexus Between Proactive Information Governance and Reactive eDiscovery


Dean Gonsowski, Esq., Senior eDiscovery Counsel

Webcast Summary
ArData is growing at 50-60% a year and Facebook now has over 800 million users. This explosion of information and the technologies that deliver it has forced IT and legal departments into a balancing act where a range of government regulations, eDiscovery rules and threats to data security require effective protection for corporate information

This session will reveal how the migration to a true information governance paradigm enables organizations to freely use cloud computing, social media and mobile devices to meet business objectives without taking on undue legal and regulatory risks. In this session you will learn how to:

  • Automatically retain or delete information based on its importance
  • Preserve information for litigation and regulatory purposes
  • Control the access and distribution of information, no matter where it resides
  • Leverage tools to collect information across disparate sources to minimize custodian involvement
  • Utilize Early Case Assessment applications to find facts quickly and better scope eDiscovery projects
  • Harness next generation predictive coding technologies to speed up document review processes, increase accuracy and dramatically slash attorney bills