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How to Fix Your Authentication Usability Problems for Web & Cloud Applications


Marty Jost, Product Marketing
Jeff Burstein, Product Management

Webcast Summary
This webinar, for IT executives, Security or Applications Architects, and Technical IT Staff will inform and educate attendees about new cost reducing methods for providing strong authentication and Single Sign-on for enterprise web and cloud applications.

The webinar begins with a discussion of how token-less, risk-based strong authentication technology can improve password security without requiring the use of authentication tokens or complex public key infrastructure.

Using web and cloud-based application use cases – because of their broad user base and massive scalability requirements– the speakers will discuss how the combination of Symantec VIP Service uniquely addresses real-world security problems with a robust but easy to deploy and use solutions. A live demonstration of how the Symantec VIP risk-based authentication works will be included.

The speakers will also discuss how strong authentication can be compiled into mobile applications and how Symantec VIP is integrated with Symantec’s new O3 Single Sign-on and Access Control solution for the cloud.