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Symantec, Cisco and Datalink Take VMware vStorage APIs to the Limit: Proven Backup Benchmark Results


George Winter, Technical Product Management
Abdul Rasheed, Technical Product Marketing

Webcast Summary
Industry leaders Symantec, Cisco and Datalink have teamed up to develop a reference architecture and performance benchmark based on VMware’s vStorage APIs for Data Protection (VADP). The test configuration uses the popular NetApp FlexPod environment and shows how you can easily stream over 4 TBs of virtual machine data an hour leveraging the Best of VMworld 2012 award-winning NetBackup 5220 appliance. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Attend this webcast to see how you can create more reliable backups, shorter backup windows and less vSphere infrastructure without needing a mountain of hardware or a huge budget. Details regarding the configuration and best practice tips and tricks will be discussed. This session was recently presented at the VMworld 2012 conference in San Francisco, so if you were unable to attend and are responsible for VMware backup, this webcast is for you.