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Beware of Freeware – Why small businesses need business-grade protection

Grant McDonald, Sr. Product Marketing Manager

As a small business, you are focused on keeping your business running and don’t necessarily have the resources or time to devote to technology, even when you need it. While free software solutions and technologies already embedded in operating systems can lessen the burden and provide tools you might otherwise not have, unfortunately, in many cases the costs add up in other ways.

Virus and malware protection is one of these cases. The risks of using free or embedded security solutions often outweigh the benefits. If you are a small business relying on free technology to secure your systems you should understand just what you are risking.

Join us for this informative webinar, where you will learn:

  • - The key types of free security
  • - The positives of using freeware
  • - What you may be risking if you rely on freeware for your business
  • - How new breeds of technology make securing your business easy and cost effective