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Symantec™ Endpoint Protection: A unified, proactive approach to endpoint security

Organizations today face a threat landscape that involves stealthy, targeted, and financially motivated attacks that exploit vulnerabilities in endpoint devices. Many of these sophisticated threats can evade traditional security solutions, leaving organizations vulnerable to data theft and manipulation, disruption of business-critical services, and damage to corporate brand and reputation. Organizations must advance their endpoint protection efforts to combat and stay ahead of this emerging breed of stealthy and resilient security threats. Toward this end, they need to augment traditional antivirus and antispyware solutions with network threat protection that combines state-of-the-art intrusion prevention and sophisticated network communications control. This enables organizations to protect against blended threats, as well as inhibit network outbreaks. They also need to leverage proactive threat protection solutions, which safeguard against unknown and zero-day threats.

This white paper describes how Symantec Endpoint Protection enables organizations to leverage these technologies in a holistic manner to protect against endpoint threats at all levels. It also discusses how the Symantec solution seamlessly combines essential security technologies into a single agent to deliver unmatched endpoint protection with simplified management and a lower total cost of ownership.

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