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Are You Sure That Your HA/DR Plan Will Work When You Need It?

Speaker: Dan Lamorena, Sr. Product Marketing Manager

In today's enterprise environments, downtime whether planned or unplanned is no longer an option because it may result in lost revenue, reduced productivity, and decreased customer satisfaction. Many enterprises choose to implement a recovery solution either with data replication alone or in combination with application clustering, to protect IT and business operations in the event of a site outage. However, the effectiveness of these solutions is often in doubt because application and storage configurations change frequently, and most enterprises do not have the time or budget to perform adequate testing of their recovery plans and infrastructure. The result is that applications at the remote recovery site may be unable to start when needed, putting the overall business at risk.

To achieve reliable recovery, enterprises today need the ability to non-intrusively test and verify their recovery infrastructure in an automated, cost-effective, and integrated manner.

Attend this webcast to learn how with Veritas Cluster Server HA/DR you can:

  • Utilize embedded testing tools that are un-obtrusive to production environments
  • Easily incorporate testing procedures to meet IT governance and compliance requirements
  • Automate HA/DR testing in order to save time, expense and the risk of the testing process