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Symantec Backup Exec™ 12.5 for Windows Servers is now available for a free 60-day evaluation!


Symantec Backup Exec™ 12.5 for Windows Servers is the gold standard in Windows data protection for physical and virtual systems, providing comprehensive disk and tape backup and recovery support for Windows-based environments. Continuous data protection and patent-pending Granular Recovery Technology for critical Microsoft applications helps to ensure that business critical data is always protected and efficiently restored in seconds.


You are downloading a fully-functioning version of Backup Exec for Windows that now includes all available Backup Exec Agents and Options.

  • Protect critical applications and data in VMware and Microsoft virtual environments
  • Recover individual emails, documents and user properties In Seconds (Exchange, SharePoint, Active Directory)
  • Delivers scalable data protection of non-Windows (Linux, UNIX, NetWare, Mac) servers through optimized remote agents
  • Eliminate your backup windows with Continuous Data Protection



Please note that Symantec Technical Support is NOT available with this trial software. You can refer to the Backup Exec Forum for peer-to-peer discussion forums to find additional resources and technical content on Backup Exec for Windows Servers; we also encourage you to visit our Symantec Technology Network online community. In addition, Administrator’s Guide, Quick Installation Guide and other useful documentation is available on the Symantec Support Site.



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