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Symantec™ Cluster Server – Management Console

  • Manages and reports on multiple Symantec Cluster Server 4.x and 5.0 clusters on all Platforms including Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Windows, VMware ESX
    • Discover clusters across multi-site enterprise in one go
    • View dashboards for global readiness
    • Quickly identify and remediate hidden risks
    • Perform bulk change operations such as offline, online and switch
    • Initiate single-click site migration for all DR-ready applications
    • Generate and schedule uptime, configuration analysis, and other reports
  • Installs on Windows Server 2003, and Solaris 9,10 (SPARC) and Linux RHEL 5
  • Installs on a standalone server or can be made highly available inside a Cluster Server Cluster
  • Upgrades independently of Cluster Server