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Business Value Analysis Study: HDFC Bank Limited
Out-tasking and Standardizing Backup and Restore

Rapid growth for a large financial institution typically translates into burgeoning storage volumes. With a five-fold increase in data volume from 2003 to 2007 and a highly heterogeneous and widely distributed infrastructure, HDFC Bank sought to gain control of its data volume growth while concurrently streamlining operational efficiencies around backup and restore. The bank standardized its backup-and-restore infrastructure on Veritas NetBackup in 2004 and subsequently rolled out NetBackup Media Encryption Option to encrypt backed up data.. The bank also contracted with Symantec Managed Backup Services to oversee management of the NetBackup environment. Moving to a single-owner environment for backup operations gave the bank 24x7 onsite management and support for its backup operations, as well as access to the Symantec development team for subsequent upgrades of NetBackup. A Business Value Analysis Study by The Alchemy Solutions Group found that .the bank is realizing results in four basic areas, with cost savings, productivity gains, and cost avoidance totaling in the millions of dollars: backup labor productivity cost avoidance, backup labor productivity savings, SAN media server cost avoidance, and data encryption savings.