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Business Value Analysis Study: State of Michigan

Before 2002, each of the 19 agencies in the state government of Michigan had its own IT organization, and the various departments were not connected. In 2001, an executive order created the Michigan Department of Information Technology (MDIT), whose mandate was to consolidate the existing 19 different IT organizations into one and rationalize all the associated hardware, software, and procedures. As the consolidation proceeded, the state standardized on a number of Symantec solutions for PC lifecycle management, endpoint security, security management, and data protection. Symantec services have also played a key role, including security assessment, a critical implementation of Veritas NetBackup, and Symantec Business Critical services for issue resolution for the backup infrastructure. According to a Business Value Analysis Study by The Alchemy Solutions Group, Symantec technology and services have enabled the state government to achieve realized and projected business value of more than $15.2 million over five years through staff time savings, productivity gains, and storage cost avoidance.