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NetBackup Disk-Based Data Protection Options

Disk has long been known to improve data protection performance, reliability, and disaster recovery capabilities. This white paper outlines the comprehensive set of disk-based data protection capabilities supported by NetBackup 6.5.x and key considerations for each. Enhanced NetBackup disk capabilities that are covered in this white paper include:


  • Intelligent disk management capabilities to enable more efficient use of server and storage resources
  • Load balancing across multiple NetBackup media servers to improve overall backup performance
  • Pre-allocation of disk space to prevent backup failure due to lack of disk space
  • Deduplication features to eliminate redundant data from backup storage
  • Integration with intelligent disk storage devised from leading vendors to allow the user to get optimal value from these solutions
  • Support for 'off host' duplication with VTLs to provide tracking within NetBackup for backup duplication carried out within the VTL