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Welcome to the Symantec Brightmail Gateway Virtual Edition Evaluation Program

With a risk-free 30-day trial of the Symantec Brightmail Gateway, there's nothing to stop you from evalutating one of the industry's best solutions* for integrated antispam, antivirus, and advanced content filtering technologies.

Symantec offers two evaluation options of the Brightmail Gateway Virtual Editon:

  • To download the Brightmail Gateway Virtual Editon evaluation, please click on the "Continue" button below.
  • To register for a hardware appliance, please click here.

The Symantec Brightmail Gateway has been fully localized into the following languages: Japanese, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), and Korean. The end-user interface has also been localized into French.

Please click "Continue" to complete the brief contact form in order to download the software and obtain a trialware license.


The Symantec Brightmail Gateway Virtual Edition has been certified by VMware to run on VMware ESX Server and VMWare Server.

Symantec supports the following deployment options:


Demonstration/Trial of the Virtual Edition

Production Deployments of the Virtual Edition

Test Environments

VMware ESX Server or VMware Server

VMware ESX Server

VMware ESX Server or VMware Server

*InfoWorld Technology of the Year 2008, Best Mail Security


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