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Symantec™ System Recovery Management Solution FREE 60-day Evaluation!

Symantec™ System Recovery Management Solution is a highly scalable centralized management solution designed to add rapid Windows backup and recovery to the new Symantec Management Platform.  Centrally manage system backup and recovery operations for Backup Exec System Recovery 2010, 8.5 and 8.0 as well as Backup Exec System Recovery Linux Edition.

  • Simplifies administration of multiple servers, desktops and laptops
  • Create, edit, and distribute backup jobs, policies, installation packages, upgrade packages, and client settings
  • Discover unprotected clients with remote client discovery
  • Enables remote recovery of volumes or complete systems
Customers managing smaller Backup Exec System Recovery environments should consider using the standard client console, rather than Backup Exec System Recovery Management Solution, for remote administration purposes.  To manage a remote computer, select Add under the Computers menu in the Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery console or select an already added computer from the list in the Computers menu.  For more information, see


Symantec Technical Support is not provided with this trial software.  For peer-to-peer discussion forums, additional resources and technical content for Backup Exec System Recovery, we encourage you to visit Symantec's Technology Network online community:


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