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Ich bin kein Bürger, Staatsangehöriger oder Einwohner folgender Staaten und unterstehe nicht der Kontrolle der Regierung von: Kuba, Iran, Sudan, Irak, Libyen, Nordkorea, Syrien oder einem anderen Land, gegen das die Vereinigten Staaten ein Exportverbot verhängt haben. Ich werde die Programme, weder direkt noch indirekt, in die oben genannten Länder oder für die Bürger, Staatsangehörigen oder Einwohner dieser Länder herunterladen, exportieren oder re-exportieren. Ich bin nicht in den Sanktionslisten des US-Finanzministeriums für bestimmte Staatsbürger, Terroristen oder Drogenhändler (Lists of Specially Designated Nationals, Specially Designated Terrorists und Specially Designated Narcotic Traffickers) aufgeführt noch bin ich in der Liste mit Auftragsverweigerungen (Table of Denial Orders) des US-Handelsministeriums aufgeführt. Ich werde die Programme weder direkt noch indirekt für Personen in den oben genannten Listen herunterladen noch auf andere Weise an diese exportieren oder re-exportieren. Ich werde die Programme nicht für einen durch US-Gesetze verbotenen Zweck verwenden und nicht zulassen, dass diese für einen solchen Zweck verwendet werden, wie beispielsweise, aber nicht beschränkt auf Entwicklung, Konstruktion, Herstellung oder Produktion nuklearer, chemischer oder biologischer Massenvernichtungswaffen.

Terms and Conditions

Symantec Temporary Evaluation Software License Agreement SYMANTEC CORPORATION ("LICENSOR") IS WILLING TO LICENSE THE SOFTWARE TO YOU AS AN INDIVIDUAL OR THE COMPANY OR LEGAL ENTITY THAT WILL BE UTILIZING PRODUCT AND THAT YOU REPRESENT AS AN EMPLOYEE OR AUTHORIZED AGENT ("YOU", "YOUR" OR "LICENSEE") ONLY ON THE CONDITION THAT YOU ACCEPT ALL OF THE TERMS OF THIS LICENSE AGREEMENT. READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS LICENSE CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THE SOFTWARE. THIS IS A LEGAL AND ENFORCEABLE CONTRACT BETWEEN YOU AND LICENSOR. BY CLICKING ON THE "I DO AGREE" OR "YES" BUTTON OR LOADING THE PRODUCT, YOU AGREE TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS AGREEMENT. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS, CLICK ON THE "I DO NOT AGREE" OR "NO" BUTTON AND DO NOT USE THE PRODUCT. License. This Temporary Evaluation Software License Agreement ("Agreement") contains the terms on which Licensor grants You a nonexclusive, temporary, royalty-free, non-assignable license on the terms set forth herein for installation and evaluation of this software, which is proprietary software of Licensor (the "Software"), with the a copy of the associated user documentation (the "User Documentation"), together ("Product"). Terms and Conditions. For good and valuable consideration received, Licensee and Licensor agree as follows: 1. Upon acceptance of this Agreement, Licensee may use the number of copies of the Software, until the expiration date specified in the corresponding Licensor evaluation program under which the Software is obtained ("Evaluation Program"), or the duration of any applicable license key ("License Termination Date") solely for Licensee's internal use and solely for the purposes of evaluating the Software for permanent license. Copies of the Software shall be used for evaluation only, and not for production, without Licensor's prior written consent. In the event the Evaluation Program requires the use of a license key to operate the Software, this Agreement authorizes Licensee to obtain a multiple copy license key for the Software. You may make and use the number of copies of the Software authorized under the Evaluation Program until the License Termination Date. Upon the License Termination Date, Licensee will either enter into a mutually agreed upon license agreement for continued use of the Product or will cease all use of the Product and will return to Licensor or certify to Licensor the complete destruction of all copies of the Product (including copies of Software and Documentation in electronic memory or on storage media). Product may contain a software routine that will cause the Product to become inoperable on the License Termination Date. Such software routine will be removed or disabled upon payment of the applicable license fee for a perpetual license. 2. Licensee agrees to abide by the terms and conditions contained herein in addition to those terms and conditions contained in the end user license and warranty agreement accompanying the Product ("EULA"). This Agreement shall supplement the EULA and, in the event of a conflict between this Agreement and the EULA, this Agreement will control. 3. There will be no charge to Licensee for its installation and evaluation of any Product hereunder and the limited license granted hereunder. 4. As this Agreement provides Licensee an opportunity to evaluate the Product without charge or obligation (except for the covenants and undertakings set forth in this Agreement and the EULA), LICENSOR MAKES NO WARRANTIES OR REPRESENTATIONS, WHETHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, except as specifically set forth in this Agreement. Licensor does not warrant the performance of any Product in any way, and provides all Product "AS IS," and without maintenance or technical support. LICENSOR DISCLAIMS ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OR REPRESENTATIONS, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, AND NON-INFRINGEMENT OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS. WITH RESPECT TO ANTIVIRUS PRODUCTS, LICENSOR CANNOT AND DOES NOT WARRANT THAT ITS ANTIVIRUS PRODUCTS WILL BE EFFECTIVE AGAINST ALL VIRUSES. In no event shall Licensor be liable to Licensee or to any other party for any loss, damage, cost, injury or expense, including for loss of time, money, goodwill or data or any indirect, special, punitive or consequential damages relating to its installation and use of the Product. EXCEPT AS MAY BE OTHERWISE RESTRICTED BY APPLICABLE LAW, LICENSOR SHALL NOT BE LIABLE TO LICENSEE FOR ANY CLAIM IN EXCESS OF $10,000.